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APLUS: Learning Teams is a Course

APLUS: Learning Teams

Ended Oct 2, 2022
1 credit

Full course description

The course identifies and explains the importance of forming and maintaining learning teams on campus to improve student achievement. During this course, you will explore the advantages of establishing a healthy collaboration structure among teachers, instructional leaders, and coaches that lead to high-quality instructional teaching. In leading professional learning teams, teachers are offered more support and guidance to improve instructional practices. With the support of a professional learning team, a campus can build a high-impact environment for student learning that addresses students’ academic, cultural, and linguistic needs. Professional learning teams can enhance the traditional professional development experience for teachers by focusing on a specific need. Learning teams can guide teachers through coaching, offering feedback, and providing research-based strategies and best practices.

As you complete this course, you will:

  • You will understand how learning teams are structured.
  • Learn how learning teams help make data-driven decisions to reach campus goals
  • Think about the impact learning teams can have on on-campus culture and student achievement.